St. Louis County Council took the first step to temporarily freeze any work after 100 trees were bulldozed and 40 acres of park land cleared in Creve Coeur Memorial Park.

Protesters outside Tuesday's meeting claimed developers started working on the St. Louis Ice Center without appropriate approvals.

“The council is going to take steps to stop the current land disturbance,” said Ernie Trakas, St. Louis County Council Member.

Trakas said things have to come to a halt, at least temporarily.

"Members of the council, in addition to the members of the public, have been told directly that the tree removal, excavation and land disturbance of Creve Coeur Park was for storm water removal," said Trakas.

But the local permit from Maryland Heights allowing that work reads: "Construction of an Ice Center located at 13750 Marine Avenue."

The permit application shows a site plan similar to, if not the same as, what's contained in an environmental assessment for the St. Louis Ice Center. Both documents show 'St. Louis Ice Center' and both show the placement of the Center's facility.

“The attachments to the permit application, it's very detailed in terms of the number of buildings and the amount of land that is going to be impacted. So the idea that the ... tree removal and excavation is solely for storm water issues is misleading,” said Trakas.

A bill that temporarily stops all site work is expected to be introduced at the next council meeting.