KIRKWOOD, Mo. – 5 On Your side's I-Team is getting results after employees at a Kirkwood business said they were forced to work in unsafe conditions.

Employees at a CVS on Manchester Road and North Kirkwood Road said a water leak has led to mold growing on the walls.

Employees told 5 On Your Side the leak is coming from behind a wall and has likely been going on for about two months.

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They're worried customers could slip. Or worse, that they could get sick from mold they say has begun growing on the walls.

When the I-Team investigated Monday, we found soggy carpets with dried crusted water marks in many aisles. There was a small fan and a small hand printed sign to warn customers.

Employees, who wouldn't go on camera for fear of retaliation, told 5 On Your Side management has known about the situation for weeks but no one seemed to take responsibility to fix it.

The I-Team contacted CVS, and within hours, employees said plastic sheeting was finally put up to cover some of the mold and water stains.

CVS released the following statement:

"The safety of our customers and employees is a top priority. We are aware of a water leak in a section of the store. We are drying out carpeting as necessary and will be replacing the stained dry wall. We are also actively working to determine the root cause of this leak."- Gary Serby, director, corporate communications.

It is unclear when the leak will be fixed or what caused it.