Water has been gushing out of two fire hydrants on the same road for over a week. Concerned neighbors in South St. Louis called Five On Your Side to get answers.

Kids splash on a hot day in front of an open fire hydrant. It’s one of two hydrants spewing water for over a week.

One is on Hydraulic at Kingsland, the other is down the street at Bingham. Gene and Sandra Berviller watch the water flow by from their front porch.

“It’s been on a while I don't know if they forgot,” Berviller said. “It has to be on a certain amount of time.”

Down the road and around the corner on Bingham, 9-year-old Maya Simmons and 5-year-old Gabriel Dunn wade through the steady stream.

One resident wondered about the waste of water that may be needed for a fire. Others grow impatient.

“I think it is ridiculous because I feel like makes no sense having the water run out like that... running and running and running and running,” said resident Kae West.

The City of St. Louis Water Division says the cause is multiple water main breaks. Recent problems along Meramec do show signs of repair, even though there were no workers in sight.

City water says one reason the hydrants are gushing is to remove pressure while repairs are made. We were told it expects work to end in the coming week.