ST. LOUIS - With a winter storm rolling in, it's important to make sure we're prepared for what's to come.

For many, that means getting out those snow shovels. But did you know if you don't use them, you're breaking the law in many places?

It's something none of us want to think about, we get the first big snow of the winter, shovel off our sidewalks and driveway. Then, somebody falls, gets hurt, and sues.

That's why most counties and cities in Illinois and Missouri have a law on the books requiring you to keep your sidewalks clear. 

In St. Louis, Kansas City and Columbia you can actually be charged with a misdemeanor for snowy sidewalks. 

In Florissant and O'Fallon, Missouri, it's a requirement to make sure sidewalks are cleaned off year round. 

But in Wildwood you can leave that snow piled up for as long as you want with no fines or problems from police. 

So just remember, in most places, if someone gets hurt on your property and it's not cleaned off it's your liability.