ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. — Lightning is to blame for two house fires this week and it's only the beginning of spring storm season. 

There are some simple steps to better prepare your home before the next storm hits.

First, check the grounding on your electrical box. You can do this by following the wire from the box down to the grounding rod and making sure the wire is still attached. 

Next, look at the power lines attached to your home. If tree branches are in the way of the line or touching your roof, trim them. 

Then head inside and take a look at your outlets. Three-prong outlets are typically grounded and stable, but if you would like reassurance you can get a tester unit at any hardware store. 

Along with the outlet work, you'll want to plug your electronics into surge protectors. Both power strips and surge protectors will help prevent electrical fires, but only surge protectors will save your appliance in the event of a lightning strike. 

Finally, consider installing additional smoke detectors in areas vulnerable to lightning strikes like garages and attics.