A Japanese news reporter who was employed by the national broadcasting network NHK was found dead after working 159 hours of overtime in one month.

Thirty-one-year-old Miwa Sado, a political reporter for the news agency, was reportedly found dead in her bed in July 2013, according to Yahoo! News Philippines. Her cause of death was not made publicly available until this week after her parents put pressure on the company to take action.

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According to AOL News, Sado died of congestive heart failure.

Prior to her death, Sado was covering Tokyo assembly elections, as well as an upper-house vote for the national parliament. It was just three days after the upper-house election Sado was found dead.

"The [NHK] president met the parents at their in the morning and apologized," an NHK spokesman told Agence France-Presse (AFP).

Ryoichi Ueda, president of NHK, held a press conference Thursday in response to the cause of Sado's death.

"We are sorry that we lost an excellent reporter and take seriously the fact that her death was recognized as work-related," said Ueda. "We will continue to work for reform in cooperation with her parents."