The fiancé of 29-year-old mother Kelsey Berreth, who has been missing out of Woodland Park since Thanksgiving, has been formally charged with five counts that include first-degree murder.

Patrick Frazee was arrested Friday, Dec. 22, nearly one month after Berreth was last seen on surveillance footage at a Safeway.

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That was Nov. 22, Thanksgiving Day. 

Below is a timeline of events and 9NEWS coverage on the case of missing Colorado mom Kelsey Berreth. (Note: Events are listed in reverse chronological order.)

Jan. 5: Berreth’s parents file wrongful death lawsuit against Frazee

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Darrell and Cheryl-Lee Berreth in U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado. It seeks unspecified damages against Frazee.

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Jan. 4: Frazee allowed to see arrest affidavit in the case against him

Jennifer Viehman, the district attorney assigned to the case, said she would allow Frazee's attorney to review the arrest warrant affidavit, but asked that he not share it or discuss it with Frazee. In the hearing, it was determined that Frazee could now access the arrest affidavit in the case against him.

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Jan. 4: Idaho nurse being investigated for disposing of Berreth's phone, NBC News confirms

Details about the woman and how she is connected to the Berreth case are limited at this time, but it has been confirmed to NBC that she is a 32-year old nurse from Twin Falls, Idaho. That's about 35 miles from Gooding, Idaho, where investigators previously said Berreth's phone pinged on Nov. 25.  

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Jan. 3: 1-year-old daughter to stay in custody of Berreth's grandparents

The courts rule that the daughter of Berreth and Frazee will continue to remain in the custody of the maternal grandparents and child protective services. This was the second hearing on the matter.

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Dec. 31: Frazee charged with five counts related to Berreth's disappearance

Frazee appeared in Teller County court on Monday, Dec. 31, where he was formally charged with two counts of first-degree murder and three counts of solicitation to commit first-degree murder. 

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Dec. 27: Courts rule that Berreth's and Frazee's 1-year-old daughter will remain in custody of maternal grandparents

Teller County court ruled that Kelsey Berreth's parents will retain physical custody of the child and that the Teller County Department of Human Services will retain legal custody. Frazee's mother has since filed a motion to intervene in the decision.

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Dec. 24: Court documents detailing elements of the legal proceedings against Frazee released.

The documents included a request from Frazee’s public defenders asking that investigators turn over emails and text messages they’ve recovered. 

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Dec. 22: Twin Falls, Idaho police announce they assisted the FBI and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation with the case.

Police in Idaho worked with the FBI and CBI to serve several search warrants and process evidence as part of the ongoing investigation into the missing Colorado mom. 

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Dec. 21: Frazee arrested for first-degree murder and solicitation to commit first-degree murder

Patrick Frazee was taken into custody just after 7 a.m. Friday and is expected to face charges of first-degree murder and solicitation for first-degree murder. 

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Dec. 18: Law enforcement returns to Frazee's home

Police officers and agents with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation were seen going in and out of Frazee's home Thursday night.

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Dec. 16: Search of Frazee's home concludes; Berreth not found

Investigators said Berreth remains missing after detectives executed a search warrant at her fiancé's 35-acre property over the weekend. 

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Dec. 15: $25,000 reward offered for Berreth's return

Woodland Park Police announce a $25,000 reward for information leading to Berreth's safe return.

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Dec. 14: Police search the home of Frazee

Law enforcement agencies first appeared at Frazee's 35-acre Florissant property to execute a search.

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Dec. 12: Frazee issues statement saying he's cooperating

Through his attorney, Frazee said he voluntarily released his phone to law enforcement for a search and provided buccal swabs and photographs.

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Dec. 12: Mom talks about the relationship between her Kelsey Berreth and her fiancé 

Cheryl Berreth, the mother of Kelsey Berreth, told NBC News that it's not like her daughter to go missing, and that Kelsey Berreth and Patrick Frazee we "loving," and that the relationship hasn't been ideal given the economy ... but that "they've made things work regardless."

Dec. 10: Mom pleads for the safe return of her daughter

Kelsey Berreth's mom, Cheryl Berreth, spoke at a news conference on Monday, Nov. 10, where she pleaded for the safe return of her daughter.

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Dec. 7: Officials release information about Kelsey Berreth's phone pinging in Idaho

Kelsey Berreth's phone pinged in Gooding, a small southern Idaho community. Police said the ping happened sometime on Nov. 25.

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Nov.-22-Dec. 2: Kelsey Berreth last seen; mother reports her missing

Kelsey Berreth's mom first reported her daughter missing on Dec. 2. Investigators said she was last seen in surveillance footage at a Safeway with her daughter on Nov. 22, Thanksgiving Day.