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Kimmswick adds on to their levee as new crest projections rise

'We're reinforcing that for any low spots. We want to make sure the city is completely encased,' Mayor Philip Stang said.

KIMMSWICK, Mo. — Flood projections continue to increase around the bi-state. 

Those waters have already wiped out the plans for Kimmswick's Strawberry Festival, their second biggest festival. The reason why it was canceled was due to safety concerns, since flooding has blocked off all the main roads into Kimmswick.

But their city isn't actually seeing any water yet and officials plan to keep it that way. 

Saturday morning, trucks were dumping gravel and sandbags were being tossed. 

Kimmswick's Mayor Philip Stang tells us: "They're adding more rock behind the railroad -- levee, if you will. We're reinforcing that for any low spots. We want to make sure the city is completely encased."

Kimmswick crews are working hard to prepare their city with the latest crest prediction for the Mississippi at 42 feet, which expected to hit in the middle of next week.

They are adding at least two to three feet from the top of levee. 

Their current man-made levee is at 46 feet. But they aren't taking any risks. That's why it's crucial to layer up.

Justin Wegener, Director of Emergency Management adds, "We're trying to build a levee to 48 feet, giving us a two-feet free-board or leeway."

By putting more height to the levee, it decreases the probability. "If it drops to a two-foot free-board, it drops to a 95 percent chance it will not breach," Wegener said.