ST. LOUIS — Less than 24 hours after Missouri lawmakers made national headlines, some in St. Louis are making noise. 

Downtown, a small group of protesters stood firm on their message on Saturday. The organizer of the meeting said "It shouldn't be discussed in any legislation, anywhere else. We should be the only ones who make the choices for it."

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In St. Louis County, dozens of women and a few men packed a house to strategize the next steps. One of the speakers at the event was State Senator Jill Schupp. 

"I'm angry and ready to go forward and see what we can do from making it through a Supreme Court challenge," Senator Schupp said. 

She also challenged the room to get involved in elections and continue speaking out. 

But Coalition for Life St. Louis said other aspects of the bill will help women. Executive Director Brian Westbrook said, "It's opening a huge door for women seeking services in the state of Missouri."

There are 80 different pregnancy agencies around the state of Missouri that qualify for a tax credit. Right now, if you donate, you can get a 50% tax credit. But the bill will increase that as an incentive. "They are now expanding it to 70% tax credit for pregnancy centers. This is a huge ability for us to serve more women," Westbrook said.

Perhaps the one thing both sides can agree on? Even with this bill passed, the abortion fight is far from over. 

The bill still needs to be signed into law, which Governor Parson is expected to do next week.