ST. LOUIS — One by one, the company Saint Louis T Shirt is hard at work making its latest Blues shirts Friday morning. 

The hands behind the hot presser belong to Amy Speetner Doughty. Just like many other Blues fans, she's angry with the call -- or lack of call -- on the illegal hand pass in Game 3 of the Western Conference Final. 

"Don't come into our city and cheat your way into a win," Doughty said. She took matters into her hands by making 'cheating shirts'. They say: 'The Blues brought the heat, San Jose hand to cheat.'

But this isn't her first time at bat calling out professional sports teams. Back in 2006, she made similar shirts for the Cardinals in the World Series. 

"There was pine tar on Kenny Roger, their pitcher's hand," Doughty said. "It all came back to me like the Cardinal days and change it up, let’s make it Blues."

Thirteen years later, Doughty is hoping to make a statement once again. "The Cardinals did win the World Series and it's a very good omen for the Blues."

Saint Louis T Shirt has already sold hundreds of shirts. You can go to their location in University City or order online here.