ST ANN, Mo. — Ten-year-old Samantha Williams was in her bedroom when the fire started. She woke up her parents and everyone made it out safely.

What's more impressive about Samantha's save is she has autism and has had trouble communicating emergencies in the past.

"She used to call fire to get attention when she was younger. This time there was a fire and she did exactly what she was taught to do. She saved our lives," Samantha's mom Rebecca Mason said.

The home on St. Christopher Lane is a total loss. The family is staying nearby in a hotel and needs help finding a new place to live. 

The Mason's need a new home quickly, Samantha's mom Rebecca is pregnant with a baby girl and due in a few weeks. 

Rebecca is currently the breadwinner in the family, supporting her husband Michael. Michael is working towards a degree in counseling to help fellow veterans like him who struggled after returning from combat.

The Mason's are trying to keep their regular schedule, attending Taekwondo Mondays and Wednesdays at ATA Martial Arts. The studio on St. Charles Rock Road is collecting donations for the family.