A 6-year-old was transported to the hospital following a misfire at an annual fireworks show put on by Gillespie Brothers Fireworks along with Bogey Hills Baptist Church.

According to the St. Charles Fire Department, another person was injured, but did not call an ambulance until she was home.

The misfire caused a fire to break out in the tent where the fireworks are held.

Statement from Gillespie Brothers Fireworks

"Unfortunately there were two minor injuries. And we want to wish those party's our deepest apologizes. We are hopeful that they will have a speedy recovery and thankful that the injuries sustain were minor. Also we are thankful to our first responders who helped comfort the two injured. And also put out the fire and reduced any chances of further injury. We have been doing small scale firework shows for 12 years and this was the 5th year at Bogey Hills Baptist Church.

We have never had any incident like this in previous years. We are so sorry that this happened. Being out there and close to the fireworks as they went off we are all unsure as to what happened exactly. We can only speculate that some fuse shot back and caught the rest of our stash."

According to the St. Charles Fire Department, the 6-year-old was transported with minor burns to be checked out.

No other details have been released.