BRENTWOOD, Mo. – A man was arrested Tuesday morning after a traffic stop lead to two officers being hospitalized.

An accident happened along Hanley Road and Music Memorial around 9 a.m., the suspect left the scene and was driving erratically. He was eventually found in the Best Buy parking lot.

Clinton Seifert has a criminal history in numerous states, and is a Missouri Convicted Felon, according to Brentwood police. He is facing several charges including, leaving the scene of an accident, DWI and possession.

Officers found a broken pill inside the car and one of them started to feel sick, numb and tingling in the fingers and hands.

According to the Metro West Fire District, hazmat crews found a positive hit for fentanyl.

“This is something that could become deadly in one very small like a tip of a pen size,” the Metro West Fire District spokesperson said.

Both officers were transported to a hospital as a precaution. One police officer had direct exposure to fentanyl and the other officer had indirect exposure.

“This is unfortunately a problem well beyond Brentwood. It is something that first responders are trained very much in on a regular basis. We have to be very aware of these things,” Brentwood Fire Chief said.

A witness was surprised to see this happen in Brentwood.

“This is not a typical situation for this area. This area is normally a very friendly. Everyone around here is law-abiding citizens.”