If every morning is a race against time at your home, experts say there are simple changes you can make in your routine to beat the clock.

"Color-coded socks can be a big time saver," said Sue Anderson, a professional organizer with Simplified Living Solutions. "Buy the same color or style of sock for each child, and then you never have to match them. You can just grab them out of the dryer and drop them into the drawer."

Some other time savers:

Create a so-called 'landing/launching zone' for your keys, wallet, purse, and phone charging station.

"Your keys are always there, that's where they live," said Anderson.

Do everything you possibly can the night before. Homework, permission slips, lunches, outfits, etc.

Create one big, family calendar that everyone can see. Either an app everyone can see on their phones or a physical, cardboard calendar in the kitchen.

Wake up just a little bit earlier than you do right now, even just 15 minutes.

"That pads in extra time when someone spills Kool-Aid down the front of their outfit and they need to change their clothes."