ST. LOUIS — The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department said a four-year-old girl who had been missing since 8:20 Wednesday morning has been found safe.

Police responded to an aid call at 37th street and Eichelberger on Friday afternoon, where they found the girl. They say she is in custody of the St. Louis juvenile division and was taken to an area hospital for a precautionary evaluation.

Several suspects are in custody. Police are investigating the incident.

The girl's father said he was at work Wednesday morning when his girlfriend was watching his daughter. The girlfriend said someone knocked her over, held her down, and took the girl from their south St. Louis home.

That's when someone — who the father now believes to be the girl's mom, ran out from behind a tree, went through the front door, and told the girl "Mommy's here."

The girlfriend said she tried to stop the woman, but a second woman pushed her to the ground and held her there. The whole ordeal was over in about a minute.

The father said says they hadn't seen the girl's mother in about three years, but he was worried about his daughter's safety while she had been missing.