FENTON, Mo. – It sounds like something out of science fiction. You wake up one day and notice that the side of your house is melting.

Experts say it's happened before; one home gets new windows and the home next to it starts heating up, in the wrong way.

It's 9:15 a.m. on Jan. 1 and Judy Richardson has a mystery on her hands.

Something is happening to her home's vinyl siding despite the sub-zero temps. The neighbor took a temperature reading and found something alarming: 240-degree temperature reading on the siding.

As result, Richardson watched her siding warp.

“It’s melting the siding, there and there,” she said in a video showing the damage.

“I grabbed my camera,” said Vernon Kraemer, her longtime neighbor, “and took pictures of the real bright spots on the siding.”

As it turns out, Kraemer had reflective windows installed on his home that not only stop heat from escaping but also reflect excess heat and energy.

But, in this case, that became a problem.

"When the sun rises, it ricochets off the window to my left, and then melts the siding to my right," Richardson said.

“It's unbelievable and the people I've told this is going on, they are like 'Really?'” Judy said.

To get more information, we visited Champion Windows, who installed the windows.

“I've heard it, [but] I've never experienced in thirty years,” said Randy Kay, the district manager of Champion Windows.

“If the sun hits that glass pack just right it will actually reflect it back away from the home,” said Kay showing how the window system works.

As it turns out, Kay has already decided to step up for Judy and Vern.

“I said 'We're going to go ahead and take care of this for you and there'll be no charge to fix it,'” said Kay.

Kay said they will replace the siding on Richardson's home and install old-fashioned bug screens over Kraemer's windows.


“Full screens will diffuse some of that reflection,” Kay said.

“We're glad and grateful that the company is going to help us now,” Richardson said.

Champion Windows says they will have all of the repairs done in the next 30 days.