UPDATE: A St. Louis County couple who were receiving random packages from Amazon finally got results after contacting 5 On Your Side.

Since our story aired, Amazon Customer Service emailed the couple.

The email sent on Thursday reads, "I have been made aware of your situation regarding unwanted package deliveries and I wanted to reach out to you directly.

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Please let me begin by saying I’m sorry to hear about the unwanted packages you have been receiving and the customer service experience that followed. We have conducted a thorough investigation and can confirm that your account is secure and you haven’t been charged for any of the items you have received. We have taken the appropriate actions and you should no longer receive any unwanted packages.

Thank you for alerting us to the situation. If you have additional questions, please let me know. I hope you have a great rest of your week."

ORIGINAL STORY IS BELOW: Couple can't stop Amazon from delivering packages

ST. LOUIS COUNTY - Imagine package after package showing up on your porch. Each box filled with things you really can't use. And they just keep coming.

That's whats happening to one couple in Crestwood, Carol and Louis Matustik.

"How does this happen and why does it keep coming," asked Louis.

The Matustiks said they are worried they are either receiving someone else’s packages or their identity is being misused. But when they called Amazon, the company told them they are not able to stop the deliveries.

The deliveries include a down comforter.

“I knew for sure we didn't order it because we don't have a king size bed,” Carol said of a set of sheets sent to their home.

They also include a breast pump attachment.

“That was weird. When you are 83 years old, that is very weird,” she said holding the attachment.

And a talking stuffed animal that mimics what people say nearby.

“Say hello Channel 5. I hope you can solve this problem,” Carol said, and the toy repeated.

These are just three of the seven items Amazon's delivered to the couple since August. The couple said it is the oddest experience they've had in their 55-year marriage because they never ordered the items and don't use them.

“We don't do drugs. Even alcohol and tobacco is not around here but something is screwy at Amazon. I have to say that,” said Louis Matustik.

Calling Amazon many times hasn’t helped the couple.

“They told us don't send it back so I don’t know,” said Carol.

“Every time she's called [they tell her] 'Just keep it don't send it back,'” said Louis.

He said an Amazon representative told them the packages were purchased with a gift card.

“I said 'Why can't you close the account,' and they say they can't because they have a different email address than ours and somehow we would have to prove it is not us,” said Carol.

And while the Matustiks try to make light of it:

“Wouldn't the gift card run out? It seems like a heck of a gift card,” Carol said.

The situation is starting to get spooky.

“There could be some potential issues with it,” Louis said.

“He is very worried about identify theft,” Carol said about her husband.

We contacted Amazon about the deliveries and have not received a response.

We also spoke with St. Louis area attorney Creighton Cohn. He told us that because the items have the couple's name and address on them, Missouri law allows them to keep the packages without paying for them.