Drivers in a rush to renew their registration are running into problems. Some local inspection sites can't even complete emissions tests.

A recent change in state software is wreaking havoc for some drivers across five counties.

Hattie Hill is a woman in a rush, sitting on expired license plates.

"They actually expired on the 31st so I'm kind of late already," said Hill, a north St. Louis resident.

But she may have picked the worst time to get her vehicle emission testing done.

"You're looking at two to two and a half hour wait times," said Shannon Schindler, manager of Speedemissions on Page Avenue.

Schindler said the program inspection sites use to track emission testing has changed and maybe not for the better.

"It's just a lot of glitches, freezing up basically. There's some issue when we're putting VIN's in. It's not bringing up all the information," said Schindler.

The highway patrol said a new vendor was recently contracted to oversee emissions testing software in five counties. They're currently having software issues during this transition and it's still uncertain when those issues will be fixed

"We had a customer in here today who went to four different places and they were all down," said Schindler.

The new software transition impacts St. Louis city, and Franklin, Jefferson, St. Charles, and St. Louis counties.
The highway patrol couldn't elaborate on just how many people have been affected by the glitches.

Here at Speedemissions, things may be slow, but they're moving.

"They wait while it freezes and we have to reboot, so other than that we haven't really lost any customers," said Schindler, who says they service up to 30 clients a day for emissions testing.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol suggests anyone having issues with getting emission testing done, check out resources from the Department of Natural Resources, which oversees emission testing. You can find more information here.