Just one day after two mothers claimed their children were attacked at school, more parents are coming forward with stories of their own children.

Aaron Niemeyer, a father of one of the students, said the bullying behavior has been going on for years. He said he's worried that if school leaders don't stop kids from hurting each other, something horrible will happen.

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“It's tragic. It honestly is,” said Niemeyer.

Neimeyer said bullies hit his daughter in the face with a locker door, held her on the floor, and dragged her new coat along the ground.

“She still just sits in her room every now and then and just cries,” said Neimeyer.

He said the problem began at Lewis & Clark Elementary School four years ago and was never effectively stopped.

“It's a bigger problem than what I realized at Lewis & Clark Elementary and Junior High,” Niemeyer said.

But, he also said 5 On Your Side's I-Team report on bullies at Lewis & Clark Junior High School - and the mother who complained - got Niemeyer to talk to other parents about changes he wants to see come to fruition.

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"The [lunch] monitor said it's a busy place, and turned around and walked away.

“Any reports of bullying to the lunch monitor, they should be sent straight to the principal. Both kids and the principal. The principal should decide if I need to contact both parents [or] make both parents aware there was a situation. That way the parents can follow up and make sure something is done about it,” said Neimeyer.

Now, he hopes the school will to do something that effectively stops the behavior before kids get hurt or traumatized.

“I'm hopeful we can get some awareness in the school and for some changes... they've got to do more. More steps to prevent this and find ways to stop it,” he said.

5 On Your Side's I-Team called the superintendent of the Wood River Hartford School District #15. Superintendent Patrick Anderson said in response to the complaints we relayed through our reports that the district will provide additional training, as well as follow up on specific concerns.