A 5 On Your Side investigation is getting results.

Our I-Team learned some schools in Missouri and Illinois may not be telling parents about sexual assaults committed by other kids.

We heard back from parents, grandparents and even teachers, all saying that too often when it happens, parents and even law enforcement aren't told about it.

"In that instance, they took away every ounce of childhood that she had," said a Grandmother who asked only to be identified as Charlotte.

Charlotte is talking about her 9-year-old granddaughter. She was sexually assaulted. But not by an adult, by two 10-year-old classmates while they were at school.

That's just one of the findings of a new I-Team investigation into student-on-student sexual assaults at schools in our area.

Unlike many other states, Missouri and Illinois don't require school districts to report sex assaults to their state education agencies.

State representative Mark Matthiesen of Missouri's 70th district, wants to change that.

"It's actually quite disappointing that the parents of the victims are not the first to be notified," said Matthiesen.

Matthiesen said he will likely propose legislation to mandate sexual assault reporting in schools next session.

"I do believe our state needs to take a look at what are our reporting requirements are both to the state governing bodies but more importantly to let our parents know whats happening in our buildings," said Matthiesen.

In the meantime, there's another option for parents.

Dr. Dorothy Espelage is an expert on child bullying and assault and she says recently the U.S. Department of education started collecting and investigating these incidents and how school districts are handling them.

"[Districts] know that it will come down if mom calls the federal government and the office for civil rights in the department of education. They would then go to that school district and they would be held accountable," said Espelage, professor of child development at the University of Florida.

If you believe your child has been sexually assaulted at school and your school district isn't doing much about it, call the Department of Education's office for civil rights at 1-800-421-3481.