JERSEYVILLE, Ill. - 5 On Your Side is digging deeper to find out how a 6-year-old boy died of starvation earlier this week.

Photos on social media show a loving family on the outside. But arrest and conviction records reflect the parents had several run-ins with the law.

How could a 6-year-old have starved to death under the care of this couple? It‘s a question Illinois Senator Sam McCann wants answered.

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"If these people are indeed guilty of what it looks like has happened here I believe there should be a special place in hell for these people," he said referring to Michael and Georgena Roberts.

McCann has been in touch with the state attorney leading the criminal investigation and the Director of the Illinois Department of Child and Family Services.

“I have taken it upon myself to talk to the acting director of DCFS I have spoken with her we have had multiple communications,” said McCann.

But as state leaders grapple with their own investigations 5 On Your Side has located arrest records for the couple.

The child's step-mother Georgena Roberts was arrested for endangering the life or health of a child and for heroin and meth possession all in 2003. The arrest happened before she married Michael Roberts. Court records show the charges were dismissed or reduced to a fine in 2005.

Court records from Illinois also reflect the boy's biological mother Kimberly Roberts sought and received an order of protection against her then-husband Michael Roberts in 2013. Kimberly Roberts herself was later arrested for possession of a controlled substance.

Finally, the child's father Michael Roberts was arrested for theft and possession of drug use items. The charges were dismissed.

“We wish this were not happening. Everyone wishes this were not happening. There is no excuse for it but what we don't want to do is jump the gun and cause a situation where we say the wrong thing and the father and the step-mother end up using our words against us to escape justice,” said McCann.

We also filed document requests under the Freedom of Information Act on DCFS, local law enforcement and the state attorney in charge of the investigation.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled at the Jersey County courthouse on Monday.