A Dutchtown woman says she's afraid to park her car on the street outside her home. It's all because an apparent rash of vandalism that's hit the area.

Neighbors tell 5 On Your Side it's all the work of a group of teenagers roaming the streets.

"I got in my car and my windshield was shattered," said one resident who asked us to identify her only as Mary.
One week after her windshield was broken near Virginia and Mount Pleasant, Mary says she heard a commotion outside her home.

"I heard kids talking, a skateboard, a basketball and I actually heard them jumping onto sedan parked adjacent to my gate entrance. I looked up and they're jumping from one car to the next as hard as they can," said Mary.

Mary says she and her neighbors even confronted the group of teens. But they were undeterred.

"They threatened her, and they did say they would be back to get her," said Mary.

Other neighbors shared their story of damage to 5 On Your Side, but out of fear for their own safety, they declined to speak on camera. Some repair estimates for the damage already top more than $1,200.

Neighbors also pointed other vehicles that had boot marks, dents, and broken windows. Similar reports have been posted in the NextDoor app for the past several weeks.

Mary says police have been out to her home several times.

"[The police] said unless they actually physically catch them doing it themselves, even with a camera. Because there's 9 or 10 of them, there's no way of knowing who's who," said Mary.

Now Mary has resorted to drastic measures to keep herself and her vehicle safe.

"[I'm] parking somewhere, where my car, I know is, being observed, and like Ubering here has been my only option. I think if they do it to the wrong car or wrong person, they can get themselves pretty seriously hurt in this neighborhood," said Mary.

The alderman says he and police are aware of the issue. So, far no word on any suspects or arrests.