ST. LOUIS – City crews showed up to make repairs in Tower Grove after neighbors complained to the I-Team about a big problem that has bubbled up for three weeks.

“You see the ice, you got to pay attention, just walk so you don’t slip,” said Chapel Haines, who has lived on Cleveland Street for five years.

Haines crosses this swath of ice every day. There's no getting around it because it stretches close to a full block and, in some spots, measures two feet wide.

Reporter: “Does it bother you?”

Haines: “Yes it does.”

The mess began three weeks ago, when a fire hydrant broke. But when crews repaired the hydrant, the St. Louis City Water Department said leaks erupted in the water main.

“You just kind of look here and you step,” said Mary Bast, another resident. “You just kind of have to be careful.”

Bast hasn’t slipped yet, but her did car wheels froze in the ice a couple of weeks ago.

“I literally was boiling water and pouring it on my tires,” she said.

And when that didn’t work, she had to call a tow truck.

Bast said she's seen crews that show up to fill in potholes. What she wants is workers that stop the water from leaking.

“I am worried, I am worried for sure,” she said.

A spokesperson for the City Water Department tells us it is safe to drink. He said they keep the water pressure on so that bacteria doesn't contaminate the mains.That same pressure causes this flooding, unfortunately.

Crews from the St. Louis Water Department showed up on Tuesday. 5 On Your Side will keep a close watch on this situation until repairs are completed.