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A house that the big bad wolf could never blow down

It is the first home built in St. Louis made of steel shipping containers.

ST. LOUIS — It took a couple of years of planning and about 10 months to build.

Now, Travis Sheridan and his wife Gina live in one of the more unique homes in the St. Louis area. They reside in a house made out of steel shipping containers.

He opened up the big yellow front doors and gave us a tour his new residence.

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The nine containers were stacked three on three on three. The middle portion was set back forming a giant deck that looks out at the Gateway Arch.

The home is welded into place and should be able to withstand the toughest of weather conditions, including a tornado.

There are three bedrooms with an art gallery on the top floor. Travis said about 90 percent of the pieces are by local artists.

The best feature on the second floor is the king-sized bed that appears to hover over the floor.

Travis is proud of the fact that the house gives new life to the containers instead of sending them off to a scrap heap.