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A Juneteenth tribute honors and remembers ancestors underneath the Arch

"Let's remember those who were in bondage and to celebrate the fact they're no longer in bondage."

ST. LOUIS — Juneteenth, also known as Freedom Day, commemorates the end of slavery in the United States.

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On the holiday weekend, the celebration continued for a Juneteenth Tribute to Ancestors on Sunday.

Antwoinette Ayers is the founder of Visual Movements and led Sunday's tribute starting at the steps of the Old Courthouse in downtown St. Louis. 

"Our ancestors were sold here on the Old Courthouse steps and we’d like to dedicate this land back to them," she said.

"Let's remember those who were in bondage and to celebrate the fact, they're no longer in bondage," Ayers said

They were singing, dancing, and praying, as they made their way to the Arch to the riverfront and laid flowers into the water.

"We’re going to sing praises and we’re going to dance in honor of your spirit and we’re going to be happy and jovial and praise their names," she says.

She said this is a way for wreaths and flowers to go down the water to freedom.

As flowers float in the water, so does their message.

"We’re just trying to be loud and vocal to our ancestors and saying that we know we understand what you did and we’re going to celebrate," Ayers said.

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