A Metro-East judge’s ruling to exhume an unidentified body could end 42 years of pain for a Jefferson County family.

Stevie Crump’s mother went missing on July 24, 1976. Ever since then he’s been looking for her and trying to figure out why she didn’t come home after a night of dancing with a friend.

“Every Saturday morning mom would have breakfast for us,” Stevie said.

“That morning I didn't smell that. That brings back memories that's hard to take." 

For over four decades he’s been on a roller coaster of emotions.

"It's been frustrating at times,” Crump said. “We would hear something new."

But nothing ever panned out. Then in 2016, Adam’s oldest son received the break he was waiting on.

Investigators discovered a link between a body buried in 1976 and his missing mother.

"This is something that we finally have some closure,” he said. “After 42 years our mom has been missing.”

When the body is exhumed Crump said he’s looking for answers.

“My mom was a very good person,” he said. “We went to church all of the time, she was a good Christian.”

He wants to close this dark chapter in his life.

"Hopefully after this, I will have happy tears to cry,” he said. “There were ten of us kids and I've lost four siblings. We think every year this will be the year we find mom.

The possible end brings a mix of emotions for Crump.

"When I look at that graveside I have a lot of sadness, but I also have a lot of hope,” he said.

He’s hoping investigators will find clues and DNA evidence linking the body to his mother.

If it is her he will have a funeral and bury his mother next to his father when he said she belongs.