COLLEGE STATION, Texas - A lively group of nearly 35 Vietnam vets from around the country have traveled to College Station for a weekend full of activities.

Local Army veteran John Anderson organized this years event and says he was thrilled to host his buddies on his home tarmac, some of which he hadn't seen in decades.

"I think the last time I saw Joe was 1971, and he doesn't look that different now that I recognize him and hes got a beautiful wife, and it's just good to catch up with these folks," said Anderson.

Every other year the 183rd Recon Aviation Company meets in different places around the US to share war stories and reminisce on their time spent serving.

Many of their fellow war buddies may have come and gone, but the bond of this aviation brotherhood still remains.

"These reunions do that, they reestablish connections and sometimes you make connections where you didn't know them before, but because you have so much in common, it's just instant friendship," said Anderson.