LEMAY, Mo. — Garbage. It's the scent that's taken over South Broadway and River City Casino Boulevard after all the flooding.

A Lemay resident posted a picture of the aftermath to social media. She believes this mound of debris was at least seven feet tall.

trash pile

"It was just backed up trash. It couldn't go anywhere, so it had to come right there and stop," said one resident.

By Friday morning, St. Louis county transportation removed the stack, which was composed of sandbags and trash. But some of the garbage and stench got left behind.

Ernie Trakas is the councilman for District 6, which includes the Lemay neighborhood.

"I think it was just collected there, primarily because there was no place else to put it," Trakas said. "It was disappointing. Although, given the extent of the flooding in Lemay, I wasn't necessarily surprised."

Trakas said that for many people who live there, the debris is the least of their concerns.

"The flooding was probably as high as four feet in the basement. It had receded now and some had managed to get it pumped out. I saw other homes where the toilets had backed up… so it was heart-wrenching."

As for this weekend, as thousands of people head to both St. Louis County and St. Louis city in celebration of the Blues' Stanley Cup victory?

Trakas asks to pardon their mess... for now.

"Will it look great? Well, obviously, you got areas that have been under water for over 10 days now. So obviously, there's that."

The County's Department of Transportation and Emergency Management are working to make sure dumpsters are available and that the trash gets cleaned up as soon as possible.

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