In the outdoor supplies business, usually this time of year is a tough sell, because let's face it, no one actually wants to go outside.

"It has been busier because we’ve had more," said Steve Vonderhaar, the manager for Westlake Ace Hardware Store.

More snow has meant more business, making Steve maybe the only one in St. Louis cheering on mother nature.

"For what we’ve had, yeah, it's been a good year," he said.

That big snow storm back in January left a lot of his winter supply shelves barren.

"We did stock up after that because we did go through almost everything we had with this deep snow," Vonderhaar said.

He's since restocked, with everything from de-icers and heaters to sleds and shovels.

"Probably our better sled year than we’ve had in the past few," he said.

He also has plenty of salt stocked up.

"There are some people that get a bag or two per storm just to weather it out, for a lack of a better term," Vonderhaar said.

Steve said the better plan is to stock up on salt because as long as it's kept in a dry location, it can be used and spread around for as long as you want.

Steve says it's also not a bad idea to keep a small bag of salt in your car, in case you need a little extra help getting back into your house or are walking somewhere it hasn't been treated yet.