FLORISSANT, Mo. – An organization is raising money for a North County Cooperative Police Department K9.

K9 Blu needs a canine watchdog app and a drug box foundational training tool.

The app will help alert his handler, Officer Kirk Muehlebach if there is a heat issue in the car. Eight police dogs were lost last year across the country due to heat exhaustion, according to Dogs On Duty.

"I would like to get an Ace Cainine Watch Dog application for my phone, it will give me direct alerts to my phone what the temperature inside the car is on a hot day and I would also like to get narcotic detection boxes to keep up with his foundational training of narcotics," Muehlebach said.

The training tool will help keep Blu up to date and certified. Both items cost about $2,000.

‘Dogs On Duty’ says Blu is a new K9 for the North County Cooperative Police Department and with it being the end of the year, there are limited funds in the budget to get him what he needs to do his job safely and effectively.

On October 24, there will be a fundraiser at Show Me’s in Florissant.

The organization has 200 tickets available for the event. Tickets cost $25, for more information contact Rosie at 314-378-8677 or Meribeth at 636-544-0988.

Tickets include all you can eat select menu items such as wings, fries, toasted ravioli, mini tacos, two-topping pizzas and more. There’s all you can drink options on select beer and vats of margaritas.

Help support Blu and spread the word with the hashtag ‘#BACKK9BLU.’ Anyone who can’t attend but wants to donate can PayPal dogsondutymo@gmail.com.

What is ‘Dogs On Duty?’

Dogs On Duty is a registered 501(3)c whose mission is to provide support for working and service dogs. Many of these dogs are owned and handled by individuals who have no means of fundraising when emergencies occur. They give their time and effort to help others who need their services. Dogs On Duty assists with providing training, equipment and funds for these teams. In addition, Dogs On Duty educates the public on the different types of working canines. The organization offers opportunities to support these animals. All donations will go to support Blu and also a third K9 officer that was just purchased and is beginning training.

For more information on Dogs On Duty, click here.