ST. LOUIS — The 3-year-old Belleville, Illinois, boy who had his prosthetic leg stolen last week is getting a new one Tuesday thanks to Shriners Hospital.

Josiah’s family said the leg was in a child's backpack which was stolen from the family's car on Feb. 28. They were asking for help finding the backpack, but Shriners Hospital wanted to do more.

'First off, we are appalled that someone would steal a child’s prosthetic leg, even unknowingly, and we beseech the thief to return it. It’s one thing to have one’s personal property stolen, and a true violation, but to have your child’s body part stolen? This is not simply a “device” or an “item” – this is part of Josiah’s body and enables him to be able to walk,' A spokesperson for the hospital said. 

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When Darren Rottman, the head of Pediatric Orthotics and Prosthetics Services, heard the story he reached out the family. 

Rottman began the process right away to begin building Josiah not just a replacement, but a new prosthesis that’s updated for his current needs and size.

They had an appointment and measurement last week to begin the process. The prosthesis arrived Monday, and Josiah will get it Tuesday.

Josiah got to pick out the custom fabric for his socket to personalize his new leg, the hospital said.

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