ST CHARLES, Mo. — St. Charles High School has a removed a flyer for Black History month spirit week after a parent said it was racially insensitive.

"I think the intention in all fairness was good, but it's how it was handled I think it could have been done differently," St. Charles County NAACP president James Le Noir said.

Students posted the flyer around St. Charles High School on Thursday.

If you look closely, the yellow poster has pictures of Malcom X and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., along with a description of what students should wear on certain days.

Black History Month Flyer

Tuesday: Black Out (Dress in all black)

Wednesday: African (Wear Red, Black and Green)

Thursday: Rap Your Culture (Dress like a rapper)

Friday: Old School (Wear Styles from the 1990's)

"Had it been purposely done, then I would say this is horrible. I mean why would this school do this but honestly I cant say that,"  Le Noir said.

Le Noir says certain things mentioned in the flyer, such as dress like a rapper, miss the mark.

"Can you please everybody? Absolutely not, but I believe what we can do, we can try to be more sensitive, we can be more open, transparent," Le Noir said.

The St. Charles School district took down the flyers on Friday after a parent brought it to their attention.

Here's the entire statement they sent 5 On Your Side.

"City of St. Charles School District administration was made aware of this flyer Thursday afternoon. As soon as we were notified, the flyers were pulled down immediately. While the intentions of this group of students was to honor their culture and heritage during Black History Month, the facilitation of such themes across a student body could be deemed inappropriate. There is no fault to be placed on the students who went through the proper channels of approval and whose true intentions were to share their culture with the school. Superintendent Dr. Jason Sefrit met with these students today and had a very positive discussion with them on what the school can do moving forward to ensure that Black History Month spirit week portrays an accurate and positive reflection of black history."

The district says they did not stop there.

St. Charles superintendent Dr. Jason Sefrit met with the students on Friday to discuss how they can move forward and give an accurate and positive portrayal of Black History Month for spirit week.