ST. LOUIS — Unbelievable surveillance video shows a young woman thrown up into the air when a strong wind gust blew through St. Louis Thursday.

Jasmine Joseph works at Happy Spirit Adult Day Care. Around noon, she and her manager rushed outside when they saw their outside canopy flapping around in the wind.

"And I was just trying to be helpful or whatever and I decided to hold that part down while he was holding the other end," said Joseph.

The next thing she knew, the canopy was gone with the wind, and so was she.

"I realized I can’t stop this from going so I need to let it go and I came right back down and I landed this way and that’s why I didn’t get hurt," she said.

How the posts broke loose in the first place is really remarkable considering they were anchored in concrete.

Jasmine's manager, Briant Bradford said it was a mother nature double punch.

"By it raining the previous day, the soil was real soft and that wind was super strong," said Bradford.

Remarkably, Jasmine survived the ordeal, without a scratch to her skin or a bruise to her funny bone.

"Yea - I’m laughing already," Joseph admitted.

So are her friends.

"The flying nun, people singing, I believe I can fly," she explained.

"I thought she was in a Disney movie actually, she looked like Mary Poppins or something," Bradford said.

If there's any lesson to be learned here - it's this: if something is about to blow away, don't ask the 4-foot-9, 102-pound woman to step in.

"Try to not use myself as a shield to protect something else," jokes Joseph.

The adult day care is already planning to replace that portion of the canopy as soon as possible.

The only damage, beyond just the canopy itself, was a side mirror on a car got smashed.

Pretty remarkable, all things considered.