ST. LOUIS – The St. Louis Blues are partnering with a non-profit to adopt a golden retriever puppy for the season.

Duo is a non-profit organization that specializes in training service dogs to assist individuals and facilities.

The Blues' front office puppy will be raised to become a future assistance dog under Duo's highest criteria. The Labrador retriever was born on Sept. 13. According to the pup’s bio, his best friend is of course, Louie.

He loves to bark at referees and his favorite toy is a hockey puck.

The pup's first day at the office was Thursday, Nov. 8.

The Blues organization wants fans to help name the puppy. Submissions will be accepted through Nov. 8. His name will be announced during the Blues vs Sharks game on Nov. 9.

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The puppy will undergo basic obedience training for the next 18 months to help him develop into a secure, self-confident, working dog for a future Duo client. The Blues will host the pup in the front office and at home games to assist it in developing its necessary socialization needs.

"We're unbelievably excited for this and the office is through the roof about it," said Randy Girsch, the Blues' Vice President of Community Development & Event Management. "It's a new way to give back to the community in ways we haven't been able to give back before, and the way these dogs work and give back is special. What Duo does is truly amazing."

After he’s completed his training and qualifies for certification, Duo will find its best fit as a service dog.

"We're excited to be involved in this process as the dog will then go to a deserving Duo client," said Hannah Arnold, the Blues' Director of Community Development & Blues for Kids. "Whether that be someone in a wheelchair with limited abilities, or for a child in a courtroom that will be comforted by the dog, we're proud to be involved in the dog's upbringing."

The puppy also has an Instagram, you can follow him @stlbluespup. For more information on Duo, click here.

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BARKING NEWS: #stlblues acquire @stlbluespup!! Visit his profile for the latest pupdates, to submit name ideas and pawppreciate his general cuteness.

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