KSDK - The Central West End is home to famous authors like T.S. Eliot, Kate Chopin, and Tennessee Williams. Now it’s also home to a new literature festival, BookFest St. Louis.

“We have brought together over 4 dozen authors, we have panels, and individual solo readings throughout the neighborhood, for all ages,” said Kris Kleindeinst, co-owner of Left Bank Books and one of the organizers of the event.

Along with the Central West End Community Improvement District and several other partners, she’s planned the event already understanding the community’s appreciation for literature.

“St. Louis is definitely a book town if the numbers who turn out to author events are any indication,” she said. “The complexity of this event was daunting. I think finding the right combination of experiences and abilities was what prevented St. Louis from doing something like this before.”

The event begins with a keynote address by author Sherman Alexie Friday night and continues through the weekend at several Central West End locations.

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