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Brentwood flood zone approved for area makeover

Proposition B passed in April, so now the work begins for a flood-free Brentwood.

BRENTWOOD, Mo. — Brentwood will soon be saying goodbye to a few local businesses and hello to a restored flood plain.

It takes only a few inches of rain over a short period of time to put the area around Deer Creek and Manchester Road underwater. 

Usually, the creek runs about 15- to 20-feet below the bridge but a flash flood will bring the water up to the bridge. 

"Once the water comes up to the bridge, it acts like a dam and the water has nowhere to go but the road," said Brentwood Bound Co-Chair and former Mayor Chris Thornton. 

The area is notorious for flooding, in 2015 people had to be rescued by boat from homes and businesses. 

To get Brentwood out from underwater, residents passed Proposition B also known as Brentwood Bound this month. The proposition adds a half-cent sales tax to pay for flood relief. 

Brentwood Bound is in the initial phase and has offered nearby businesses buyouts. 

"Some have been here for a long time and it's hard for them to be moving," Thornton said. "We totally understand that, but the fact is this area has been totally ravaged by floods for a long time."

Construction will take some time, it's slated to begin next summer. 

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