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Local pizza company adding 30 employees to expand production

Lucia's Pizza adds 30-full time employees to expand production to meet demands.

ST. LOUIS — Lucia's Pizza — the manufacturer behind pizza brands such as Mama Lucia's Pizza and 4 Hands Brewing Co.-inspired pizzas, is adding 30 full-time employees to expand production 40% in order to meet sales demands. Officials said sales have increased 465% in the past three years.

In addition, the company will implement a new labor model that includes a three-day, 36-hour work week from Monday through Saturday. If specific requirements are met within a workweek schedule, employees will be compensated for a full 40 hours of work, officials said. Lucia's also offers a benefits package that includes health, vision, dental, life insurance, paid time off, paid holidays, a 401(k) and Aflac supplements.

"We have created several opportunities that require a greater staffing commitment than we have had in the past," Scott Ashby, president of the company, said in a statement. "To meet demand, we will need to almost double our current team. Borrowing the 3-day, 12-hour shift format from other industries like healthcare allows employees to have more flexibility throughout their 36-hour week while still receiving 40 hours of payment."

Ashby added that the three days do not need to be worked consecutively and that employees will be given "generous breaks" throughout the day. With this new model, Lucia's can extend its daily production without the need for a second shift, he also said.

"With today's labor market, this allows our current team to get in their hours in the least amount of days to spend the other four days with their families. Concurrently, it allows for us to meet production needs," Ashby said.

Read the full story on the St. Louis Business Journal website. 

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