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Public paychecks: Highest-paid state of Missouri employees in 2019

They all have one occupation in common.
Credit: AP
(AP Photo/Dan Gill, File)

ST. LOUIS — Missouri's 34 highest-paid employees are all psychiatrists at state-run hospitals.

The psychiatrists, many of whom practice in specialties such as neurology or child psychiatry, earned a combined $8.65 million in calendar year 2018, according to state records.

The state's highest-paid employee outside the mental health field was Roger Dorson, deputy commissioner of the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, who earned $191,544. Margie Vandeven, the department's commissioner who was renamed to the post in November, earned $26,521 for the year. Her 2019 year-to-date pay is $144,365.

Gov. Mike Parson, who ascended from lieutenant governor to governor June 1, 2018, earned $72,215 for the year. His 2019 year-to-date pay is $105,942.

Among those who earned more than $10,000 in 2018, the average salary was $33,610. The median salary among the same group was $31,127.

Check out the St. Louis Business Journal story for the full gallery, breakdown and searchable database of the highest-paid state of Missouri employees.

This year's highest-paid St. Louis County employee is a woman. Emily Doucette, the county's director of research and medical services for the Division of Health Services, earned more in 2019 than both the county executive and its chief prosecutor. For several of the county's 38 highest-paid employees, however, 2019 was the last year they received county paychecks.

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