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St. Louis County OKs bill cementing rules for enforcing 'prevailing wage' mandate

St. Louis County Executive Sam Page said the legislation serves the purpose of "formally codifying" the rules
Credit: SLBJ

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. — St. Louis County Executive Sam Page said Tuesday he's signed legislation further solidifying rules mandating the payment of a so-called "prevailing wage" by developers under certain conditions.

Those pay rates in St. Louis County range from $35 an hour for a boilermaker to $71 an hour for a sprinkler fitter, according to state documents. Page said the legislation serves the purpose of "formally codifying" the rules, and sets out the responsibilities of the county's prevailing wage enforcement coordinator, currently Janson Thomas.

The county in 2019 mandated that with any economic development project receiving tax subsidies, the developer must not pay less than the prevailing wage to the contractors and subcontractors. Page then signed an executive order creating the prevailing wage enforcement coordinator position.

That position, according to county documents, is to collect and review payroll records and documents; interview workers and contractors; investigate complaints of state prevailing wage law and county ordinance; notify the director of purchasing or director of transportation and public works of noncompliant contractors; and determine wages owed to workers, among other things.

Contractors, according to the legislation, are also to provide documents to Thomas showing their number of employees and work being completed.

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