ST. LOUIS — The IT subsidiary of one of St. Louis’ largest private companies is plugging itself into a new market: medical cannabis.

IT services provider Applied Technologies, a subsidiary of French Gerleman, is targeting the medical marijuana industry for growth. The company is expanding to offer its products and services to medical cannabis facilities and businesses.

The company’s expansion comes as state regulators in recent weeks have approved medical marijuana business licenses for the Missouri's nascent cannabis industry.

Eric Frietsch, Applied Technologies’ vice president and general manager, said the IT firm first started researching the cannabis market about a year ago. Over the past six months, the company ramped up it consideration, digging into the Missouri’s compliance measures to better understand how the firm’s products could be used by marijuana cultivation, manufacturing and dispensary facilities.

“Any industries, if there’s compliance regulations, there’s typically some type of IT needs. We went in and did the research, and married our solutions with what they were asking for. A lot of the solutions we provide, we felt they are a really good fit for this industry,” Frietsch said. “And also, it’s not everyday that a new emerging market comes out of nowhere. We didn’t want to miss that boat.”

Applied Technologies plans to provide products such as network and physical security technology as well as data and managed services for cannabis businesses.

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