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See the new changes at Busch Stadium for 2023 (PHOTOS)

Opening Day is approaching, and there are many new changes at Busch Stadium this season.

ST. LOUIS — The clock is ticking as opening day for the St. Louis Cardinals nears, but that’s not the only countdown that’ll take place this season at Busch Stadium.

One new feature fans will notice as they file into Busch Stadium this season is four new timers installed at the venue, a result of new rule changes being implemented by Major League Baseball for the 2023 season.

The new rules, designed to speed up pace of play, require pitchers to begin to throw their next pitch within 15 seconds after the previous play, or 20 seconds if there are runners on base. Batters also must be ready for the next pitch with at least eight seconds on the clock. As a result of the new rules, the Cardinals are installing four "pitch clocks" at the stadium: two behind home plate, installed Tuesday, and another two slated to be added in the center field area.

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