When the weather gets extremely cold and dry like it's been in St. Louis over the past few weeks, your skin starts to feel the effects. You might find your skin feeling dry and itchy. It may even be more extreme with cracking or rashes.

5 on Your Side wants to help you take care of your skin this winter. We spoke to Dr. Brian Kim, Assistant Professor of Dermatology at Washington University. Dr. Kim is also the co-director of The Study of Itch.

He says the best thing to do for your skin is to moisturize two-to-three times a day. Dr. Kim suggests using thick creams as opposed to oils. The heavier moisturizers will absorb better and keep your skin feeling hydrated longer.

Another thing he says is to start caring for dry skin before the Winter. Dr. Kim says people should begin their moisturizing routines in the early Fall to get ahead of the dry weather impacts.

"The key is that you moisturize ideally as the weather gets cold even before you get dry. Because once you start to get really dry your skin can get really inflamed so the horse has kind of left the barn at that point.," said Dr. Kim