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Churchgoers attend service for first time since Roe V. Wade outcome

Religion has proven to be split since the high court made the call to put an end to the federal right to abortion.

ST. LOUIS — Many churches gathered for the first time since the Supreme Court made its decision to overturn Roe V. Wade on Sunday.           

Those groups have proven to be split since the high court made the call to put an end to the federal right to abortion in a 5-4 decision, leaving the states to decide whether to allow the procedure.

According to the Pew Research Center, most evangelicals and Mormons oppose abortion. Survey results showed Catholics and Orthodox Christians are more split on the issue, and some other religions think abortion should be legal, including responders that were Jewish, Hindu or Buddhist.

Alexander Polt, attending a Sunday service at the St. Louis Cathedral Basilica, had a few thoughts about the development in the landmark case. 

“We’re moving towards allowing states to do what they are going to do. States’ rights, and put the position in the hands of the state," Polt said.

Polt added that he believed the outcome would give people a greater reverence for life.

“Moving into a culture of life, and assure appreciation of the life that we have and the lives that we are given especially through the miracle of birth," he said.

Lydia Foss and George Lemcke marched with Epiphany United Church of Christ in the St. Louis Pride Parade alongside several other religious groups. They were more outraged by the decision.

'It's so unfortunate because people are losing so many rights so quickly and when we thought we were gaining some of that back, it's kind of unfortunate that it's going away again," Lemcke said.

“I feel like anyone who should be in charge of a country should be stepping toward progress instead of trying to push us back to times that were a lot worse,” Foss added.

Many religious groups have taken a grateful over prideful stance and hope the decision will increase awareness about the resources women have once they give birth.

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