The City of St. Louis is cutting funding for crossing guards at 20 St. Louis Public Schools.

Glenn Reinsmith served as a crossing guard at Dewey Elementary for 12 years. Earlier this month, he received a letter from the City of St. Louis Department of Streets, which said his position was cut.

“Our jobs are important,” Reinsmith said. “It protects the life of children and adults.”

Mayor Lyda Krewson said the crossing guard program costs the city more than $100,000 per year.

“This year, in trying to balance the budget, we eliminated that $100,000,” Krewson said.

However, three private Catholic schools will keep their city-funded crossing guards: St. Margaret of Scotland, St. Roch and St. Joan of Arc. Krewson said that could change in the future, though. She added the cuts were made to the public schools first because they accounted for the biggest part of the budget.

Krewson also said the city would continue to run the program and provide the training for the crossing guards if St. Louis Public Schools paid for it.

An SLPS spokeswoman said Superintendent Kelvin Adams is currently studying the issue, and will make a decision whether to ask the board of education to allocate the funding.

The following Saint Louis Public Schools campuses are affected, per the Mayor's Office:

  • Ames Elementary
  • Bryan Hill
  • Columbia Elementary
  • Cote Brilliante Elementary
  • Dewey International
  • Hamilton Elementary
  • Herzog Academy
  • Jefferson Elementary
  • Lexington Elementary
  • Mann Elementary
  • Mason Elementary
  • Meramec Elementary
  • Nance School
  • Patrick Henry Elementary
  • Peabody Elementary
  • Pierre Laclede
  • Shaw VPA
  • Shenandoah Elementary
  • Walbridge Elementary
  • Woerner Elementary