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City of Kimmswick looks for financial support after important festivals canceled due to COVID-19

The Apple Butter and Strawberry Festivals, which generate 80% of the city's revenue, were canceled this year due to COVID-19

KIMMSWICK, Mo. — While the city of Kimmswick, Missouri, is incredibly rich in its history, it is looking much less that way in the present day economically. 

Kimmswick needs $200,000 to survive in 2021. As of Monday morning, the city had raised $3,675 from PayPal donations. 

That is all because the Apple Butter and Strawberry Festivals, which generate 80% of the city's revenue, were canceled this year due to COVID-19.

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In a post on the city's website, Kimmswick Mayor Phil Stang reached out to the public for support, saying Kimmswick is "staring into a financial black hole".

On top of the economic impact of the cancelation of the Strawberry and Apple Butter Festivals, the city already spent $150,000 of non-reimbursable funds in 2019 in order to fund its flood-fighting efforts.

Last year, flooding caused the city to cancel the Strawberry Festival.

The other big event, the Apple Butter Festival, was rained out the first day.

"We get about 120 and 150,000 people here in two days," Stand said.

This year, the mayor said COVID-19 forced many businesses in the city to close long-term, only adding to its economic struggles.

"By year’s end, Kimmswick will, for all practical purposes, be out of money," Mayor Stang said in a post on the city's website.

Mayor Stang also said the city has explored relief in the form of federal, state and county funding, with no success.

"We will have no employees or city services, without outside help," added Stang.

Owner of The Blue Owl, Mary Hostetter says, "I’ve been here for 35 years and I’ve never ever seen all of this happen like this. We just hope people will respond to their plea of help."

Business owners like Hostetter are also trying to help. There will be a Christmas cookie walk this year and for every ticket, they'll donate $5 to the fundraiser.

They plan to sell 1,000 tickets.

Mayor Stang is reaching out to the public for donations in order for the city to overcome its economic struggles. 

Click here If you would like to donate to the City of Kimmswick.

"If you love Kimmswick and/or historic places, please consider a donation to save Kimmswick, any amount will help," Mayor Stang said.