FARMINGTON, Mo. — Rumors that the city demolished the wrong building swirled in Farmington, but the city says those rumors aren't true.

On Monday, Hair We Go was open for business. On Tuesday, owner Traci Renna could not get in.

"Now it is Hair It Was," said Traci Renna before singing a line from the Mr. Rodgers theme song. "I don't know what to say I'm really upset."

Renna is singing to keep from crying. She still can't believe Hair We Go is where it is.

"You should've saw[sic] this place I've done nothing but clean for 7 years straight," Renna said. 

Her hair salon along Main street in Farmington came crashing down Monday.

At first, it was just a wall. But she said when Farmington city crews got involved, it was way more than a wall that was wrecked.

Her store sits along the main strip. Dozens of people drove by to see what caused all of this mess. And to see if the rumors about it were true.

"There were rumors going around that apparently somebody came in and started demolishing the building possibly had the wrong address," said Jerry Govreau, a Farmington resident.

5 On Your Side went to the City Administration for answers.

"The social media rumors that we responded to the wrong address are absolutely incorrect," said City Administrator Gregory Beavers.

He said Traci's husband, Dennis Renna, gave them permission to use the backhoe to take the wall down and was well aware of the risks.

"As I explained to him, we were unsure. These are supporting walls that were leaning and as we started pulling them down the roof structure and things that were attached to them began to collapse, but that collapse was already occurring by the time we got on the scene." 

It's a hairy situation, that's left this hairstylist speechless.

"I don't know what to do, that's what I keep saying I'm like 'My gosh, I've been cutting hair and loving people and helping out.' I don't know I feel like being done, this pretty much did it."

The city said they don't normally tear down buildings in this way, but this was an emergency situation and they thought there were helping.