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St. Louis area funeral home uses dog to comfort grieving families

Meet Teddy! He's a Goldendoodle pup that comforts families at Baue Funeral Homes

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. — Meet Teddy!

He’s a St. Louis area pup that brings comfort to grieving families during difficult times.

Teddy is a hypoallergenic Goldendoodle pup who was bred to be calm in nature. He comforts families at Baue Funeral Homes.

“The power of touch and the animal-human bond have been proven over and over again to provide a therapeutic effect for both humans and animals. Numerous studies have found supportive evidence for positive mental and physical health benefits from being near animals and touching them. Teddy uses his healing ability to assist our families in grief,” Baue said on its website.

Teddy also visits St. Louis area nursing homes, hospices and schools in the area with Kim Brueck and Kristen Ernst, LPC to talk about grief, Baue said on its website.

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Today in St. Louis will meet Teddy on Friday.

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