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Congresswoman Cori Bush calls on governor to request FEMA assistance

Thursday, West End neighbors waded in the water as others attempted to drive through it. Some of the cars didn’t make it through.

ST. LOUIS — For the second time this week, the St. Louis area is cleaning up and drying out after heavy rains led to extreme flooding.

In St. Louis' West End neighborhood, the woman who represents that area in Washington is making a plea to the governor.

Thursday evening, Congresswoman Cori Bush surveyed the high floodwaters at Hodemont and Skinker. Roads transformed into a river as neighbors were dealt a second blow of torrential rain.

"Extremely annoying,” Tyler Rogers said. 

He rushed home from work to rescue his dogs from danger. The first floor of his apartment unit flooded Thursday.

"I drove immediately here and it was already blocked off, completely flooded," he said.

Neighbors of that apartment complex waded in the water as others attempted to drive through it. Some cars didn’t make it through. Floodwaters were so high you couldn’t see two cars that witnesses say were trapped underneath.

"We seen cars getting stuck,” Michael Keeper said. That’s when he raced to their rescue. "We helped two guys out their window and then it was a guy who was crippled in the car with his daughter. She didn't know how to swim so I put her on my back or whatever and we walked them through the water…t was probably right over my stomach."

Congresswoman Cori Bush was on hand surveying the aftermath.

"We can’t have people with these health concerns trying to live in a home where there's sewage, trying to clean it out themselves. We don't need people getting sick from this. We need to do the work now,” she said.

Right now, there's a state of emergency on the local and state level. Bush wants more.

"We need the federal assistance into this district. We need that and we need it now. We've talked to the White House. They said they're ready, ’When the state gets it to us, we can take care of it,'” Bush continued.

5 On Your Side reached out to the Governor's office to find out if he will request to have FEMA resources brought to St. Louis. We will update you when we hear back.

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