Editor's note: Some may find the details of this story disturbing.

ST. LOUIS - The body of a young girl was found in the boiler room of some vacant apartments on Clemens Avenue in St. Louis on February 28, 1983.

St. Louis Metropolitan police believe the girl was raped, strangled and beheaded.

The case will be a 35-year-old cold case as of now. Police believe she was an African American girl between the ages of 11 and 14.

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She was found with only a yellow sweater on. Her hands were tied behind her back in red and white nylon rope.

She was buried at Washington Park Cemetery in December of 1983.

Detectives decided to exhume her body early 25 years later. Further DNA test showed she was likely from a southeastern state or Indiana. She was buried for a second time at the Garden of Innocents.

If you know any information about the murder of this young child, please contact CrimeStoppers at 866-371-TIPS.