They put their lives on the line, but they say they don't have the best work conditions to do their job. Creve Coeur Police are asking for a new police department to better protect and serve the community.

The police officers share a former middle school building with City Hall.

File cabinets full of paperwork in Creve Coeur's government building are stored in an old restroom, next to old urinals.

Downstairs, there's no room to separate male and female holding cells, so police use big magnets to cover the windows.

Police Chief Glenn Eidman says both City Hall and the police department would have more space if they didn't share the same old school building.

The chief and mayor hope voters pass Proposition P.

The property tax hike would be over 20 years and would cost about $60 a year for the average home valued at $400,000. City council will vote on Prop P on Aug. 22. If it's approved, it will be on the Nov. 8 ballot.